Medfem Menstrual Cup is a personal hygiene device and as a result it may not be returned or exchanged. All sales are final.

Most people manage to have success with the Medfem Menstrual Cup on their first try. However, for others it may take a few days, or even a few cycles to find the right fit and comfort level. With a little help from our User Guide, Medfem Menstrual Cup FAQ’s and our consumer care support staff, many people have learned the tricks of the trade and are even empowering other people by sharing their experience on our Your Stories feature and our Facebook and Twitter fan pages.
In the rare case that there is a defect in the Medfem Menstrual Cup, please contact us within 8 Working days of purchase. To evaluate the problem, we ask that you email a photo of your Medfem Menstrual Cup along with a description of the problem and your receipt to:

How do I return a device?

Because Medfem Menstrual Cup is an internally worn device, it is not refundable. If there is a problem, it can usually be resolved by emailing our customer service for further usage guidance. We’re happy to help. :