Every beginning can be difficult – including trying a menstrual cup for the first time.

However, we assure you that there’s nothing to fear. It might take you a few days or a few periods to become comfortable with the Medfem Menstrual cup. Experiment with different folding and insertion methods and don’t worry, you’ll soon become a dedicated cup convert. Here you will find all you need to know about using a menstrual cup.



Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your MedFem Menstrual Cup.


Before using your Medfem Menstrual Cup for the first time you should sanitize / sterilize the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remember not to let the cup touch the bottom of the pot.


There are many different folding methods so experiment and find the one that works for you.

Three of the most popular are:

The C-Fold

The Punch-Down Fold

The 7 – Fold


It’s important to relax your muscles when inserting your MedFem menstrual cup, so find a comfortable position.
You can lie down, squat, sit on the toilet or simply stand up. You’ll find the position that works best for you over time!
You might want to use water or a water-based lubricant to make insertion easier.


Insert the folded Medfem menstrual cup and once the entire cup is inside of you, remove your fingers and let it open up.
If the Medfem menstrual cup has been inserted correctly, you might hear a “pop” or a suction sound which means that the cup has unfolded and created the necessary suction seal.
If you’re in doubt, reach in and feel around the base of the cup – it should feel round or oval and not have any noticeable folds.


If you feel any dents or folds on the base of your menstrual cup and you’re not sure the suction seal has been created, then gently grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and rotate it to make it unfold.
Once your menstrual cup is in place, try to pull the stem a bit, if you feel resistance, the suction seal has been created and the cup has been inserted correctly!
In comparison with a tampon, the menstrual cup should be placed lower in the vaginal canal.
The stem should be completely inside of you

However, we’re all built differently and if the stem pokes out and annoys you, you can trim it (not while inserted).


Wear for up to 12 hours

One of the benefits of using a Medfem menstrual cup is that you can use it for up to 12 hours at a time so once inserted you can leave your cup in all day and night. Depending on how heavy your flow is, you may have to empty it more often than twice a day.That’s why we recommend you empty your menstrual cup more often in the beginning to get to know the cup and your flow.

Insertion FAQ:

How does the cup stay in place?

The cup is held firmly in place by the muscular walls via a light suction that is formed up inside.

Can I Practice Putting my cup in and taking it out, before my period starts?

Yes, you might need to use water or water based lube to ease the insertion and removal because while on periods the menstrual flow keeps the vagina lubricated, which may not be the case while you are not on your periods.

How do I Know the cup is in the right position and has popped open?

Never insert straight up. The vagina is slightly tilted towards the rectum or tailbone. So, while inserting, hold the cup in that angle. You can give the cup a rotating twist to check if it has opened. Rotating should be easy if it’s open.

Some people cannot rotate the cup, and that’s okay too. You can check by tracing a finger around the outside, to see if it feels round.

Can I wear the cup to bed, or while I swim and play sports?

 Yes you can. In fact, users have been able to manage their periods very well.